Dilworth Brings Back Grounds for Health Blend!

Tis the season to be generous – to womankind and mankind alike. Dilworth Coffee has been busy getting together our Grounds for Health Blend just in time for the season of giving and we want to invite you to give alongside us!Grounds for Health Coffee

In January of this year, we released our new Grounds for Health Blend. Through the sales of this significant roast, $10,000 will be donated to Grounds for Health to continue the work and expansion of vital healthcare for women in coffee-growing communities.

Helping women at the heart of coffee

Grounds for Health is a non-profit organization who is serious about alleviating the suffering of women in coffee processing countries. They have been serving in Latin America, Africa and Mexico for over 20 years now with vital healthcare. Dilworth is excited to have helped Grounds for Health to reach its goal this year of helping 17,000 women. That’s 2,000 more than the goal we set for ourselves in January. And we aren’t stopping now!

Grounds for Health Blend is our featured blend this month. It will be sure to be a hit with your loved ones this season! Grounds for Health Blend is a smooth blend of East African and Central American coffees. This custom blend features subtle fruit and sweet notes layered in a silky body.

Grounds for Health Dilworth CoffeeGrounds for Health will receive $1 from every 12oz bag and $5 from every 5lb bag sold. The retail bags are artfully labeled and make beautiful gifts of kindness towards humanity, both for you and yours and the women your purchase is helping. Be sure to get several retail sized bags for stuffing stockings or to serve with that Thanksgiving meal.

We are helping Grounds for Health expand to more countries

In addition to continuing its work with Dilworth, Grounds for Health has announced its expansion of its work into Kenya. This move is a sign of their commitment to continue the work of reaching women who live in high-risk regions and are working in agricultural supply chains. These women labor daily picking and processing our beans, so that we have coffee to enjoy. Their health is very meaningful to us, not just so we can have our cup of joe, but because these are real solutions for real needs. Grounds for Health is serious about the health of women in coffee growing regions and they, along with Dilworth believe that every woman deserves the right to health in order to achieve her full potential.

“Kenya presents a tremendous opportunity to scale our impact by reaching more women working in the coffeelands and in other industries such as tea and cut-flowers,” said Guy Stallworthy, CEO at Grounds for Health. “We are thankful to our seed funders who are making our expansion possible.”

East Africa is in desperate need of healthcare for women and more specifically in Kenya. At present, there are 3.1 million women in the country who are at risk for terminal disease and Grounds for Health will work closely with the Ministry of Health to train, promote and equip professionals and community workers in an effort to improve the quality of health care for women.

“Grounds for Health’s work has a foundational influence on the future of coffee growing communities,” said Craig Holt, a supporting partner who spearheaded a fundraising effort for Grounds for Health’s Kenya program.

Grounds for Health Blend CoffeeDilworth sells coffees from Kenya as well as other regions in Africa. We have proudly aligned ourselves with the work of Grounds for Health because we believe in the well-being of the people working on the coffee farms as well as well as the product their labor provides.

“Our commitment to superior coffee naturally begins with the health and well-being of the people who grow, harvest and process the coffee at its source,” said Stockton Graham & Co. President and CEO Jeff Vojta. “Grounds for Health’s proven track record of working in coffee-growing communities to provide life-saving prevention and treatment plans, reinforces a shared commitment to keeping women on coffee farms healthy. We are delighted to partner with them on this critical mission.”

Visit a Dillworth Coffee store and try Grounds for Health Blend coffee today!