Post Inventory Product Specials
As promised! We have completed the list of items on sale. Please send an email to orders@dilworthcoffee.com to request the list or if you have any questions about items on our Post Inventory Product Specials. Limited quantity, no special orders.
A paper copy of the list is being shipped with orders.

Dilworth Coffee Training Events
Our February classes were a blast! We still have our February Catalog Cupping on the 19th from 2:30 – 4:00.If you would like to attend any of our upcoming classes you can find a complete listing of classes and times at our website-

Proudly Serving Dilworth Coffee (PSDC)
Enrolling in the PSDC program is voluntary and at no extra cost but does require a commitment of exclusivity. Learn more at https://www.dilworthcoffee.com/psdc-benefits-of-enrollment/
By enrolling in our PSDC program you automatically get 5%off of our monthly features, along with some great marketing material!
Retail customers you can also cash in on our monthly featured coffees as well!