New Dilworth Coffee

New Dilworth Coffee We will introduce the new Dilworth Coffee to the world in May 2017, including a new logo, packaging and prototype store in uptown Charlotte NC. An updated web site will follow shortly.

What is going on?
Since 2010, Stockton Graham & Co. of Raleigh, NC has been the exclusive coffee roaster for Dillworth Coffee. In fact, Stockton Graham & Co. previously sourced, roasted, blend and packaged specialty coffee under two brands: Stockton Graham Coffees and Dilworth Coffee.

In 2016, Stockton Graham & Co. purchased the Dilworth Coffee brand from retiring founder Don Keen of Charlotte, NC.

After extensive market research and customer feedback, Stockton Graham & Co. has decided to consolidate its specialty coffee under a single strongest brand: Dilworth Coffee. This will allow Stockton Graham & Co. to streamline its business and improve customer experience across all its wholesale customers. Customers will receive the same high-quality coffees and outstanding service they have come to expect from Stockton Graham & Co. Plus, wholesale customer get the added benefit of offering a Top 3 coffee brand with a growing retail presence.  

What is Dilworth Coffee?
Dilworth Coffee is Stockton Graham & Co.’s specialty coffee brand. The brand was founded as Charlotte’s original specialty coffee roaster and retailer in 1989. For the past seven years, Stockton Graham & Co. has been exclusively sourcing, roasting, blending and selling Dilworth Coffee to wholesale customers and coffee consumers through a chain of Dilworth Coffee shops located primarily in the Charlotte NC area.

Why the change?
A recent study by Mintel revealed that Dilworth Coffee is the number one independent coffee brand among out-of-home coffee drinkers in North Carolina, ranking just under Starbucks and Caribou. We believe that consolidating our coffee under the Dilworth Coffee label will give customers a much stronger brand and allow us to streamline production and distribution, which will result in a better overall experience.

Will there be a price increase?
No price change is associated with this brand evolution; but as coffee is a traded commodity, market prices are always subject to change.

When will the change take place?
May 2017.

Did the coffee quality change?
Coffee quality continually evolves for the better. Stockton Graham & Co. continues to hone internal controls, cupping standards, roast profile development and technology to ensure we are consistently offering high quality specialty coffee. We will see out new and exciting coffees and offer them to you as they become available.

Dilworth CoffeeWhy a different bag/label?
As a result of market and customer research, Stockton Graham & Co. has re-invigorated the Dilworth Coffee brand with a new logo, packaging design and prototype store in the Fifth Third Center in uptown Charlotte (201 N. Tryon Street). The new branding is distinct and will help differentiate the brand from competitors. Market research has shown this positive change will lead to increased customer appeal and sales.

What happened to the old Stockton Graham Coffees and Dilworth Coffee blends?
The new Dilworth Coffee list has been highly refined. It represents a careful, year-long evolution in our coffee portfolio to better meet customer needs, improve customer service and align with the evolving tastes of coffee consumers. As part of this process, some old Stockton Graham & Co. and Dilworth Coffee blends were discontinued and others were renamed. We also introduced new blends to appeal to consumers’ taste preferences.

Can I still purchase Dilworth Traditional Espresso?
Yes. We have reformulated Dilworth Traditional Espresso based on feedback from store owners and consumers. The updated recipe is inspired by modern taste profiles and balances both light fruit and bittersweet chocolate flavors. Customers who are interested in a noticeably fruitier and tangier espresso should feel free to continue ordering our espresso labeled Midnight Lotus.

Has the coffee line up changed?
Yes. We have assembled a new coffee menu that includes the best of the Stockton Graham Coffees brand and the Dilworth Coffee brand.

Likewise, our flavored coffee menu is a highly-curated listing of the 300+ flavored coffees we offer. The menu represents the hottest taste profiles in our top five flavor categories. Featured flavors change seasonally and tightly track consumer taste trends. Seasonal flavored coffees will be available September – March. Customers can order any of our available 300+ flavors, though they are available in wholesale packaging only.

Will you have seasonal flavors?
Yes. Seasonal flavored coffees will be available September – March. We will publish a list of favorite seasonal blends in September.

What happened to all the decaf selections?
We have decided to focus on the outstanding decaffeinated coffees most popular and successful with our customers. Our current decaf options include single origin and espresso options. We offer both Swiss Water® and Euro Prep process decaffeinated coffees.

Can I get my flavored coffees in a decaf version?
Yes, we offer all flavors on our menu in a Euro Prep decaf coffee option.

Can I get organic coffees?
Yes, we currently have seven coffees that are USDA Certified organic including single origins, blends and an espresso.

Are coffees still kosher?

I have a private label coffee with Dilworth Coffee. What happens to that?
This change does not affect private label coffees in any way.

Can I still get my custom house blend?

I don’t have a custom house blend; can I get one?
Yes, we will be happy to work with you to create a custom house blend. Creating a custom house blend is an extensive process that includes working one-on-one with our Director of Coffee and Head Roaster. This process can take between 12 and 20 weeks.

What POS is available?
Standard airpot labels are available free of charge.  They can be ordered with your coffee.

Can I get my café or business’s name on my label, POS?
Only businesses that have engaged us to create a custom house blend or private label coffee will have a label with their name on it.

Can I get the old label and bag?
No. The old labels and bags will be discontinued by May 15.

Can I get a custom printed label (in color)?
Please talk to us about our private label services.

What are the minimum orders per coffee?
For wholesale customers, coffees are available in 2lb or 5lb increments. If coffee in retail packaging is desired, the customer must order a case of six (6) 12oz bags of the same coffee. Periodically for certain coffees, minimums may be shifted upwards or downwards depending upon coffee availability and customer commitments.

Can I still get free freight on 20# orders?
Yes. Customers who order 20# coffee only get basic free freight within
one- to three-day FedEx delivery zones for M-F delivery to a single business address; however, customers who require ancillary services including residential delivery, re-routing, expedited or extra-care handling, internal delivery, freight forwarding, C.O.D. or the like will be responsible for those extra charges. Customer is responsible for any extra fuel or delivery charges assessed by the carrier.

What is my lead time on coffee?
Standard orders received by 2 p.m. will be processed that day. In most cases, they will be shipped that same day (guaranteed from January 2 – November 1). Pick-up orders will be available the day after order is placed.

Can I order online?
We will be rolling out a new with online ordering for wholesale customers by the end of the year. By mid-year, the new will launch with online ordering for retail (12oz) bags only. By December, you will also be able to order five (5) pound and two (2) pound packages of Dilworth Coffee.

My sales person mentioned Beanology. What is that?
Beanology is the art and science of sourcing, roasting and blending coffee. Dilworth Coffee was one of the very first direct importer of specialty coffees in North Carolina, and we continue to source only the finest Arabica beans available.

My sales person mentioned Brewology. What is that?
Brewology is the art and science of preparing coffee drinks, including espresso, single-cup drip and cold brew coffee. Since opening its first shop in 1989, Dilworth Coffee has been recognized for its high-quality barista craft.

My sales person mentioned Guestology. What is that?
Guestology is the art and science of delivering an exceptional coffee experience. Dilworth Coffee prides itself in outstanding customer service for both our wholesale and consumer customers.

Will my wholesale invoices/payment details change?
No. Wholesale customers will continue to receive invoices and credit card charges from Stockton Graham & Co. Consumers visiting Dilworth Coffee storefronts will continue to receive receipts and credit card charges from Dilworth Coffee.

Who do I contact to get answers to my questions about my coffee lineup?
Please feel free to contact Lauren Olson, our Customer Success Manager, at 800 835 5943 ext. 3566 or email or your sales rep directly.