Dilworth Coffee Family

In 2010, Stockton Graham & Co., a Raleigh coffee roaster, joined the Dilworth Coffee family as its exclusive coffee roaster and national distributor. Having formerly been a Dilworth Coffee customer as a shop owner himself, Stockton Graham & Co. founder and President Jeff Vojta was excited to continue the Dilworth history that he had so long admired.

Stockton Graham & Co.

With its foundation as a coffeeshop, Stockton Graham & Co. has grown with the specialty coffee industry.  The company offers a wide range of single-origin, sustainable and original blends under the Dilworth Coffee label, the Batch 995 label and for private label customers.

Today, Stockton Graham & Co. supports Dilworth Coffee in a wide variety of training and marketing initiatives from our regular Coffee College trainings to our new Grounds for Health Blend coffee to support cervical cancer screening and treatment in coffee-growing communities of Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Peru.