With an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer on staff, Dilworth Coffee proudly offers globally-recognized SCA Certification Classes like this Barista Foundation course. Earn points towards an SCA Coffee Skills Diploma at the completion of these courses.

SCA Certificate Classes: Barista Foundation

Barista Foundation is a full-day course that introduces the beginner barista to the fundamental skills they’ll need to prepare delicious espresso drinks. Attendees will practice the steps needed to properly prepare a good espresso, steam and texture milk, and efficiently combine them to make your customers’ favorite drinks. We’ll learn how to keep everything running smoothly by adjusting the grinder and keeping everything clean.

No prior experience is required, only an interest in learning (and drinking lots and lots of coffee). All attendees receive a copy of our Introduction to Coffee and Espresso handbook for future reference.

Those who successfully complete short written and practical exams will earn a Barista Foundation certificate and 5 Diploma points.