Coffee Ergonomics: A Lot of Planning Goes Into Our Stores

Next time you visit your local Dilworth Coffee location, take a look at the barista’s work space and the overall layout of the store. Our shops are not just a nice espresso machine sitting on a counter; a lot of thought and planning goes into each of them so that we can best serve you. Every shop begins with a different shaped space so each has unique challenges. When designing a new coffee shop, the first thing we take into consideration is ergonomics. The study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, ergonomics plays a crucial role. By making the job as easy and efficient as possible for the barista they can focus on serving you the absolute best drink and providing the best customer service.

We assume our shops will be busy at times so we plan accordingly when it comes to organizing work space. We certainly don’t want employees running into each because that would hinder their ability to provide outstanding service. Our well-designed work stations allow each barista to do most of their work while barely moving his or her feet. From milk to cups to grinder to beans, they have easy access to everything they might need. In addition, our countertops are the correct height and have the proper amount of workspace (in other words, they aren’t over crowded). Dilworth planners even think about things like sink and trash location so clean-up will be easy and ongoing during the day.

The way we have positioned the cash register close to the barista also helps with efficiency. During busy times it will allow the barista to overhear orders and perhaps get a head start on preparation. During slow times, it easily allows a barista to work alone. By putting some thought into making our employees’ tasks easier to perform, they will be happier and you, our customer, will benefit. If you want to visit a well-organized coffee shop, just visit you local Dilworth Coffee store!