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Dilworth Coffee partners with the best cafes, restaurants and specialty retailers to provide wholesale bulk beans, coffee packaged for retail sale and a wide range of wholesale coffee supplies. Our wholesale customers include some of the nation's most beloved stores including the specialty retailer Southern Season in Chapel Hill, Nova's Bakeries in Charlotte and the coffee cafes at Mission Hospital in western North Carolina. Call 866 849 1682 or orders@dilworthcoffee.com to get started.
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Starbucks 74%
Dunkin Donuts 66%
Dilworth Coffee 52%
S&D 42%
Royal Cup 36%
Magnolia 35%
CounterCulture 32%
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Dilworth Coffee is among the top three most preferred coffee bean brands in terms of quality, according to a 2016 survey of North Carolina coffee drinkers conducted by Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency. Dilworth Coffee is the third-most recognized coffee brand and the most preferred coffee roasted in North Carolina, according to a comprehensive survey of out-of-home coffee drinkers.

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Through our parent company Stockton Graham & Co., we provide access to equipment, allied products, wholesale coffee supplies and essentials to serve any type of specialty coffee beverages at your store. For more information, call us at 800 849 1682 or visit stocktongraham.com
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Every coffee business is unique, and every one of them can be successful. We’ve been working with our wholesale partners to build profitable coffee businesses since 1989. Whatever your business vision, we have a proven roadmap for your success and the wholesale coffee supplies that work for you.

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They played a critical role in our opening and success in being named one of the Best of New Hampshire Coffee Shops by New Hampshire Magazine. A new owner couldn’t find a better partner.

Daryl Parker

Schoodacs Coffee & Tea

It has been a pleasure working with them for over 8 years—from the development of our coffee blend to employee training and providing the back office support that has allowed us to grow.

Dorian Bolden

Dorian Bolden

Beyu Caffe

We have been working with them and buying coffee from them since we opened. They go above and beyond to make our business a success.



Sam Brothers

Sam Brothers

Tarboro Coffee House

The staff is the most efficient and professional team that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in this industry. With our business ‘partnership’, they streamline the process while keeping my business educated and stocked with top-notch products!

Gabby Crail

Gabby Crail

Elements Cafe

Their service is excellent, and they are so supportive and accommodating, always getting me what I need in a timely fashion. They know that for them to succeed, they have to be a good partner, and they are!


Caroline Cahan

Caroline Cahan

Southern Season

The consistency in product and the customer service that we receive are amazing! We could not ask for better service! From special order items to training services and tours, our business is grateful for the support and partnership.

Eric and Lynette Price

Eric and Lynette Price

Creamy Cup
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Are you a business looking for high-quality coffee? Dilworth Coffee is committed to delivering great coffee and an exceptional customer experience. Please do not hesitate to contact our team in any way you prefer.
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At Dilworth Coffee, we believe life is better with great coffee. So we're committed to making great coffee experiences accessible to everybody. If you’re an entrepreneur, operator, barista or coffee connoisseur looking for a great coffee experience, please send us a message.