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Dilworth Coffee

Spreadin' The Love


What better way to celebrate the "Season of Giving" than with this bundle of coffees from Honduras.  With every purchase, we make a donation to Educate-2-Envision, helping build schools and educate the families of coffee farmers.  The coffee tastes great; knowing you are helping kids feels great.  

Bundle Includes Following:

Organic Honduras (Medium Roast)
Cool mountain air, fresh water and drifting breezes contribute to the stand-out quality of these beans. I give them a medium roast to draw out chocolate, caramel, and citrus notes.

French Roast (Dark Roast)
Dark-coffee lover’s delight. Reared in the high-altitudes and pounding sun of the Honduran highlands, these are tough beans, indeed. Their dense structure lets me roast them to a heady darkness, with rich oils oozing out. Enjoy!

Brainstormin (Medium Roast)
Two different roast levels of the same Latin American coffee are blended in this blend to create an experience that highlights what possibilities exist within one origin. The result is sweetness and balance that is a work of art.


All coffees are preground.