Just off Earth Day, we’re excited to present a new coffee from the Colombia farmer’s cooperative Coocentral, which prides itself on being environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. We brewed our new Colombia Huila with Director of Coffee Brad Kirby and discussed Coocentral, the region of Huila and the coffee it produces.

Brad, what can coffee lovers expect when they taste coffee from the Huila region of Colombia?

Brad: Huila is one of the most well recognized growing regions in Colombia. About a third of all Colombia’s coffee exports come from Huila. But more importantly, Huila is well known for producing high-quality coffee. It’s a very special region: In 2013, it received Denomination of Origin status — the same status awarded to champagne, Manchego cheese, Tequila and many other consumables with unique, location-specific characteristics.

Coffee from Huila tends to have a brighter acidity and is more complex than coffees from other regions of Colombia. Because Huila is a growing zone with a lot of climate diversity, each farm will grow coffees that have slight variations in flavor profiles. That’s why I love to cup coffees from Huila.

What attracts you to our coffee from Huila?

Brad: Our Colombia Huila is a nice coffee that starts with delicate aromas of cane sugar and white flowers. The flavors are sweet and floral with the fruity tang of clementine citrus. But for me, what I like most about this coffee is how soft it is. It has a nice body and mouth feel. The finish is clean and effervescent.

I am also very drawn to the story of this coffee. It comes from Coocentral, a central Huila coffee growers cooperative. Coocentral is an associative non-profit and social interest enterprise that supports the farmers in the seven central municipalities of Huila. The coop provides farmers with technical support, loans, formal education, housing, insurance and social security payments designed to preserve the wellbeing of families who plant, tend, harvest and mill the area’s coffee.

What are the cupping notes of this coffee?

AROMA: Floral, Sweet
BODY: Soft
FLAVOR: Almond, Jasmine, Clementine
ACIDITY: Balanced, Citric
AFTERTASTE: Tangy, Clean

How would you recommend brewing our Colombia Huila?

Brad: I enjoy this coffee when it’s brewed in a Chemex because this brew method tends to accentuate the coffee’s body and mouth feel. The coffee’s nuttiness and clementine citrus flavors really shine when it’s brewed this way.

To purchase our Colombia Huila for home brewing, visit our online store. If you are a coffee shop or cafe looking for wholesale coffee, call us at 866 849 1682 or email orders@stocktongraham.com.