Dark & Bright Blends

Latta Estate Blend
Latta Estate is a unique, old-school inspired blend of Sumatra Silimakuta and our French Roast, combining the very best elements of each. The Sumatra lends its syrupy, chocolate flavors and lower acidity, while the French Roast contributes a deep, velvety body to this blend. Its smooth, earthy profile comes from the Sumatra which is wet-hulled, a unique process that combines both wet and dry processing. The fusion of these darker roasts yields a blend similar to one of the first Dilworth coffees, with a comfortable, pleasant body but more intense flavor.

French Roast Blend
Our take on a classic roast style, we choose high grown Latin American varietals that handle dark roasting well.  The result is a full, dark roast with low tones and a deep flavor.  The bright acidity found in these varietals is transformed into a milder version, with enough peaks of acidity to truly balance out the flavor profile.

Toddy BlendPortico Classic Blend™
Created by using varietals from the three growing regions in the world, this is perfectly blended to bring out the best of each region.  Velvety body with mocha flavors countered with nice acidity and a tangy finish, this blend has it all.

Toddy Blend

Our Toddy Blend is the Dilworth Espresso Traditional™ specially ground for a toddy filter. This classic but creative combination of Indonesian and East African coffees has elegantly found a way to harness the very best of two rather different growing regions. The balance and contrast between bright and fruity East African varietals against the thick chocolate nature of the Indonesian signifies the essence of the espresso legacy.