Espresso Blends

DIlworth Coffee offers several espresso blends including Dilworth Espresso Traditional™ and Milano Blend.

Dilworth Espresso Traditional™ 

Dilworth Espresso Traditional™ is an espresso blend that will satisfy even your most fickle customers. The recipe improves on a classic combination of Indonesian and East African coffees through a process of proprietary roasting creativity. This espresso has elegantly found a way to harness the very best of two rather different growing regions. The balance and contrast between bright and fruity East African varietals against the thick chocolate nature of the Indonesian signifies the essence of the espresso legacy.

Milano Blend
This is our take on the classic Italian style of espresso. Bittersweet gourmet chocolate finishes with hints of smoke and cedar. It is a smooth and complex blend with plenty of flavor to cut through even the largest to-go milk beverages. We recommend 18 grams of coffee for each 2 – 2.5 ounce extracted shot.