Medium Blends

Mocha Java Blend
One of the world’s most celebrated and classic coffee pairings, our take on this classic blend is sure to please. Rich chocolate notes livened up with sweet berry and tangy acidity, offering a bittersweet finish to this superb blend.

Morehead Estate Blend™
Morehead Estate Blend™ incorporates varietals exclusively from Latin America in a way that celebrates southern hospitality. This complex, yet approachable blend yields a full bodied cup of coffee with a high acidity. A delicate balance between body and acidity makes Morehead Estate an excellent choice for any brew style. Chocolate notes followed up by a nutty aftertaste will leave you with nothing but a desire for more.

New Orleans Blend
Bold and decadent, like the famed city itself, this complex blend delivers a full bodied, syrupy flavor profile that is nuanced with peaks of bittersweet chocolate and suggestions of peppery spice. Celebrate the best in New Orleans with this blend.

Providence Blend™
Latin American and Indonesian varietals entice you with nutty undertones balanced with an earthy, full body. Well balanced acidity rises to the top of the spicy, captivating flavor experience.