Single Origin Coffee

BEST SELLERS: Single Origin Coffee
Sumatra: Sweet spices, cocoa and a twist of tangerine with a low-medium acidity and silky body. Kenya: Vibrant citrus aromas complement a lavish, syrupy body with a spicy aftertaste.
Costa Rica: Delicate notes of honey and sweet orange zest are highlighted by a lighter roast. Colombia: Sweet, caramel flavors upfront introduce a dry, malty spiciness on the back end.
Papua New Guinea: The mildly sweet and fruity aroma introduces the flavors of milk chocolate and tangy dried plum. Guatemala: Aromatic floral and citrus notes and flavors of caramel, milk chocolate and toasted marshmallow.
Brazil: The aroma of toasted hazelnuts and the delicate flavor of nuts, buttercream and chocolate. Tanzania: Bright notes of cherry and blackberry with a clean, full body.

Dilworth Coffee® offers the following Single Origin Coffee:

Brazil Esmeralda
New for 2016, our Brazil Esmeralda smells like toasted hazelnuts adn features the delicate flavors of hazelnuts, buttercream and chocolate. Customers will enjoy Esmeralda’s smooth, light notes and mildly tangy aftertaste of toasted hazelnuts.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Toasted Hazelnut   BODY: Light – Smooth     FLAVOR: Hazelnut – Buttercream –Chocolate    ACIDITY: Mild – Tangy  AFTERTASTE: Tangy – Toasted Hazelnut

Colombia Supremo Pitalito
Colombia, the second largest producer of coffee in the world, is perhaps the best recognized source of specialty coffee. The town of Pitalito, which lies in the Valley of Laboyos in the Huila region, produces superior graded Supremo. The Colombia Supremo Pitalito shows off one of Colombia’s richest coffee micro-regions—its perfect blend of weather, altitude and soil producing some of the best coffee in the country.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Malt – Dried Fruit – Brown Sugar – Lavender  BODY: Medium – Balanced    FLAVOR: Caramel – Malt – Orange Rind – Herbals
ACIDITY: Red Wine – Dry AFTERTASTE: Dry – Powdery – Lingering

Costa Rica Romelia
Our Costa Rica Romelia is grown and milled just outside Costa Rica’s historical Tarrazu region in an area bordering the Palmichal rainforest. Named after the sister of one of the first families to plant coffee in the region, the Costa Rica Romelia is unique for its aromas of sweet orange zest and honey. These are two delicate notes that define the coffee in terms of fragrance, flavor and aftertaste. We roast the Romelia beans a bit lighter to preserve these delicate flavors.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Honey – Orange Zest – Milk Chocolate     BODY: Well-Rounded – Silky    FLAVOR: Honey – Sweet Orange Zest ACIDITY: Vibrant     AFTERTASTE: Refreshing – Light Honey

Ethiopia Limmu Natural
This coffee has an exceptionally natural taste because of the traditional sun-dry process. It was recognized by cuppers and judges alike for its incredible cleanliness, strong-but-gentle berry notes and syrupy sweetness. 
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Watermelon – Ripe Strawberries   BODY: Substantial – Juicy
FLAVOR: Strawberry – Raspberry – Rosehips
ACIDITY: Subtle – Lingering   AFTERTASTE: Clean – Sweet

Guatemala Finca Flor del Rosario
La Finca Flor del Rosario is a farm in Coban La Cascada that produces coffee with aromas of floral and citrus notes and flavors of caramel, milk chocolate and toasted marshmallow. This coffee is bright with a crisp, lingering aftertaste.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Floral – Citrus – Carmelized Sugar  BODY: Smooth – Round
FLAVOR: Caramel – Milk Chocolate – Toasted Marshmallow 
ACIDITY: Bright – Sweet Citrus   AFTERTASTE: Crisp with a Lingering Acidity

Kenya AA Ruera Estate
This limited-edition coffee delights with its vibrant, citrus aromatics and transports us with its lavish, syrupy body. A rare single-estate offering, the Ruera Estate coffee is grown on one of the oldest coffee farms in Kenya. It is processed in the Kofinaf coffee mill, which was the first-ever UTZ-certified mill in the world. The mill is Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Registered.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Vibrant – Grapefruit – Permeating BODY:  Full – Syrupy – Lavish
FLAVOR: Stone Fruits – Tangerine – Spice
ACIDITY: Bright – Tart    AFTERTASTE: Long Lasting – Spicy

Nicaragua Selva Negra
The Selva Negra Estate has been a leader in sustainable farming since 1975. It follows strict standards of shade growing, which leaves rainforest and animal habitat intact, and uses renewable energy sources. Estate workers are provided housing, healthcare, schools and scholarship opportunities. The respect that the farm shows to the environment and its workers inspires this exceptional Rainforest Alliance Ceritied™ coffee.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Honey – Caramel    BODY:  Medium – Creamy
FLAVOR: Sweet – Chocolate – Toasty
ACIDITY: Medium    AFTERTASTE: Sweet – Smooth

Papua New Guinea Mile High
Our new Papua New Guinea crop entices with a mildly sweet and fruity aroma. The flavors of milk chocolate and tangy dried plum dance in a smooth, creamy cup with a pleasantly fruity, sweet and lingering aftertaste.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Mildly Sweet – Fruity    BODY: Round – Smooth – Creamy
FLAVOR: Milk Chocolate – Tangy Dried Plum   ACIDITY: Medium – Subtle
AFTERTASTE: Pleasantly Fruity – Sweet – Lingering

Sumatra Silimakuta
This coffee varietal, Sumatra Silimakuta, has been selected for its unique flavor of sweet spice, cocoa and soft hints of tangerine. To bring out the unusual flavor and it’s low-medium, tangy acidity and silky body, this coffee is roasted at a medium-dark level.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Mild Chocolate   BODY: Medium – Silky   FLAVOR: Chocolate – Spice – Tangerine ACIDITY: Medium – Tangy – Dry Wine   AFTERTASTE: Lingering Sweetness

Tanzania Peaberry Download PDF
This Tanzanian coffee has been selected for its strong levels of acidity. The high acidity in this varietal magnify the flavor profile and is even stronger in peaberry form. This single origin coffee is wet processed, eliciting bright notes and a full, clean body.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Floral – Jasmine – Cedar   BODY: Clean – Full    FLAVOR: Earthy – Cherry – Blackberry ACIDITY: Bright – Tangy     AFTERTASTE: Bright – Juicy

Uganda Bulaago
Our Uganda Bulaago comes from a single farmers group n the Bugisu region, which produces some of the most sought-after washed Arabica coffees in the country. It has a silky body complemented by the flavors of raisin, apricot and candied lemon. By working with Crop Coffee Importers, Stockton Graham & Co. can ensure fair compensation and support for the farmers in the area.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Apricot – Candied Lemon   BODY: Silky    FLAVOR: Raisin – Apricot – Candied Lemon
ACIDITY: Tangy – Medium High    AFTERTASTE: Red Wine – Maple Syrup