Grounds for Health Blend

Grounds for Health Dilworth CoffeeGrounds for Health Blend from Dilworth Coffee funds essential health care services for women who work on coffee farms.

In coffee-growing communities, cervical cancer kills more women than any other cancer. That’s because coffee farms are usually situated in economically challenged locations with little, if any, access to health care services.

Dilworth Coffee Grounds for HealthIn fact, more than 270,000 women die of cervical cancer each year, and World Health Organization predicts that 6 million women will die from cervical cancer by 2020.

To help save lives, Dilworth Coffee’s roaster Stockton Graham & Co. and the international non-profit Grounds for Health has launched Grounds for Health Blend coffee.

Proceeds from sale of this coffee at each and every Dilworth Coffee house will be donated to Grounds for Health ( The charity helps train local health care providers to screen women on coffee farms and provide treatment to tens of thousands of women at the heart of coffee in Tanzania, Peru, Ethiopia, Mexico and beyond.

A silky blend of Nicaragua Selva Negra, Tanzania Peaberry and Kenya AB varietals, this custom blend features subtle fruit and sweet notes layered in a soft body. It was crafted with drip coffee in mind and is available for sale in 12oz take-home bags.

Dilworth Coffee Grounds for Health BlendNational Cervical Health Awareness Month, which begins in January 2016 is the perfect time to bring this special coffee to Dilworth Coffee lovers.

Visit for more information about this important charity or to donate directly.

Contact a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943 for more information or to order coffee.


Fruity, Honey, Floral

Soft, Syrupy

Sweet Berry, Earthy, Blackberry, Nasturtium

Bright, Shiny, Crisp

Clean, Blackberry, Tart, Ginger

Dilworth Coffee and Grounds for Health