When you walk into a Dilworth Coffee store, you’ll likely notice something a bit different with our baristas: great customer service starts with eye contact.

There are many aspects to being an outstanding barista. Some of them require intensive training and in-depth coffee knowledge—and these are things all Dilworth Coffee baristas have; but one of the most important aspect of being an outstanding barista is simple: paying attention to you, our customer, from the moment you walk in the door.

Paying attention to our guests is a cornerstone of the Dilworth Coffee customer service experience. When you walk into one of our stores, our baristas will acknowledge you within 30 seconds. Even if busy in the middle of making a drink for someone else, they know a simple nod and smile will go a long way to making you feel welcomed.

Like anyone in the restaurant or other hospitality industries, being a barista in a Dilworth Coffee shop is a customer service job. Quite simply, we are there to serve the needs of our customers, and that is never forgotten.

As a customer, you expect a quality-made beverage, but you also expect it to be made by someone friendly. Our baristas know that. That doesn’t mean our baristas needs to be your best friend, but they know a bit of casual banter (especially when it comes to coffee) or at least a “How are you today?” can mean a lot. And, of course, our baristas go through extensive coffee and espresso training so they have a wealth of coffee knowledge they are happy to share. If you’re looking for a different coffee taste experience, ask a Dilworth Coffee barista to recommend a newer coffee varietal or a rare harvest.

Our shops always carry coffee for the more adventurous coffee connoisseur, as well as the more traditional ones. If you are unsure about what to order, our barista will be happy to offer a suggestion. Whether you prefer a drink made with a dark Italian-style espresso or perhaps a blend that has fruitier flavor notes, our baristas can recommend a good choice for your personal taste preferences.

There are other benefits to you in engaging our baristas. For instance, quick and accurate service. Our baristas keep their heads up so they will always know which customer is next, even when the shop is busy. And because they pay attention, they also know which completed drink is yours and which drink is someone else’s. That’s important when time is dear. You don’t want to get back into your car and find out you received a mocha when you ordered a double latte.

If you are a frequent customer to any of our Charlotte NC area Dilworth Coffee storefronts, our baristas are trained to anticipate what type of drink you prefer and start working on it even before you order. All of this keeps the line moving.  And we know that efficient workflow and quick turnaround mean more time to make your Dilworth Coffee experience great.

The attentive, heads-up service you will receive at Dilworth Coffee is not just about being polite, it’s crucial to your coffee experience. Great customer service is a win-win situation for everyone.

For more information on Dilworth Coffee customer service, please call 866 849 1682 or email customerservice@dilworthcoffee.com. You can also visit our coffee roasting facility in Raleigh NC. Call for details.