Introduction to Coffee and Espresso

At Dilworth Coffee, our goal is making great coffee experiences accessible. For our wholesale and license program customers, that means sharing the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from over two decades in the coffee business. Whether you travel to our new Raleigh training center or arrange for customized onsite programming, our expert training staff will give you the skills you need to make great coffee experiences to your customers.

Our full-day Introduction to Coffee and Espresso full-day course is our most popular offering with good reason: it’s a great starting point for new baristas and coffee business owners. We’ll trace coffee’s journey from seed to cup, beginning with a look back at coffee’s history, discussing popular origins, touring our roasting facility, and overviewing popular preparation methods. We’ll then taste the end results, cupping coffees from our favorite farms around the world.

Introduction to Coffee and Espresso is part of a full-range of training and consulting services offered at Dilworth Coffee University. Since good coffee requires careful preparation, we’ll continue by building a solid foundation of skills in our hands-on espresso workshop. Attendees will practice the steps needed to properly prepare a good espresso, steam and texture milk, and then efficiently combine them to make your customers’ favorite drinks. You’ll learn how to keep everything running smoothly by adjusting the grinder and keeping everything clean.

We include Q&A time with our coffee business experts too, to help you plan your grand opening, discuss which drinks will appeal to your customers, and answer important café operations questions.

No prior experience is required, only an interest in learning (and drinking lots and lots of coffee). All attendees receive a copy of our Introduction to Coffee and Espresso handbook.

In most instances, the full-day course will be held at our roasting headquarters: Stockton Graham & Co., 4320 Delta Lake Dr., Raleigh NC. However, we can do coffee consulting and coffee training onsite at most coffee shops, restaurants and specialty coffee retailers.

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