Dilworth Coffee Training Events

Beanology [bēn-ol-uh-jee] Noun. The branch of knowledge that deals with the understanding of the origins, preparation and enjoyment of coffee. If you are new to coffee, this a great place to start your journey. This introductory Coffee College course explores the origins of coffee, its cultivation, distribution and roasting. Each …Read More »
Master the Seven Essential Elements to brewing great coffee. This Coffee College course explores various coffee brewing methods with an emphasis on balancing the Seven Essential Elements. This course recommended for new baristas, entrepreneurs and coffee-lovers alike. Open to the public. Pre-requisites: Beanology- Intro to Coffee suggested  F.A.Q. What is …Read More »
Every Barista needs to start with a strong foundation of skills and techniques. Work hands-on in a small group setting to learn the proven and repeatable steps to extracting rich, delicious espresso, properly steaming velvety smooth milk and bring them together to create luscious lattes and scrumptious cappuccinos This is …Read More »