Colombia EA Decaf

$ 15.00

Decaffinated in Colombia, this coffee is one of the best decafs we have ever tasted. To top that off, it is the most sustainable as well.

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Truly one of the best decafs we’ve ever tasted, this offering sets the bar pretty high, proving that decaf can be delicious. These beans are decaffeinated in Colombia by utilizing an abundant local resource – sugar cane. Not only is this process environmentally friendly, it keeps more money at origin and reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions.


AROMA: Vanilla, Nutty
BODY: Smooth
FLAVOR: Malty, Citrus Fruit
ACIDITY: Balanced, Tangy
AFTERTASTE: Lingering Sweetness

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee

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Whole Bean, Medium Grind, Coarse Grind, Fine Grind


12oz, 2lb, 5lb

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