Hawaiian Macadamia

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A cup of Hawaiian Macadamia coffee will refresh you like only a trip to the Pacific islands could. And, believe it or not, it goes especially well after indulging in grilled pineapple at a summer cookout.

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One sip and the bright notes and soft, subtle sweetness of Hawaiian macadamia nuts will take you on a flavorful trip to the beaches of tropical Hawaii. With a buttery and mild flavor somewhere between a coconut and a Brazil nut, the marble-sized macadamia nut even has a faint hint of white chocolate. Our Hawaiian Macadamia combines the rich essence of prized Macadamia nuts, considered by many to be the finest in the world, with fine Arabica coffee or a combination of flavors that is hard to resist.

Did you know?

The macadamia nut is actually native to Australia. It was first grown commercially in Hawaii in the 1920s. The country that is the leading producer, however, is South Africa.

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

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