Orange Seville

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Kissed with the zest of tart oranges, a hint of cherry, and sprinkles of all-spice, the refreshingly sweet marmalade aroma of our Orange Seville coffee arrives on the palate like a cool breeze off the Mediterranean.

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In our Orange Seville coffee, the citrusy flavors of the orange make for a perfect pair when combined with the taste of rich, dark chocolate. We thought the taste of bitter Seville orange is a better pairing with coffee than a sweet orange. So, we selected a fine Arabica coffee with underlying notes of chocolate and blended it with the tart and tangy essence of Orange Seville for a refreshing cup with an exotic flavor and delicate aroma.

Did you know?

As the name would imply, Seville oranges originate in the southern Spanish city. The bitter citrus fruits are prized in the production of marmalade in England.

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

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