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Colombia has a reputation of producing mild, well balanced coffee beans. Our Colombia Huila shows off the best the country offers with delightful notes of florals and natural flavors of nuts and clementine citrus.

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Our Colombia Huila is a nice coffee that starts with delicate aromas of cane sugar and white flowers. The flavors are sweet and floral with the fruity tang of clementine citrus. It has a soft, round body and mouth feel. The finish is clean and effervescent.

This coffee comes from Coocentral, a central Huila coffee growers cooperative. Coocentral is an associative non-profit and social interest enterprise that supports the farmers in the seven central municipalities of Huila. The coop provides farmers with technical support, loans, formal education, housing, insurance and social security payments designed to preserve the wellbeing of families who plant, tend, harvest and mill the area’s coffee.


AROMA: Cane Sugar, White Florals
BODY: Soft, Round
FLAVOR: Nutty, Floral, Clementine Citrus
ACIDITY: Balanced, Slightly Bright
AFTERTASTE: Slightly Tangy, Effervescent

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

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