Sumatra Karo Highlands


After experimentation, we decided the best way to bring out the special flavors in our Sumatra Karo Highlands is to leave the beans in the roaster just a bit longer. The results are deep, dark and delicious.

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From the Karo Highlands near Lake Toba in the Lintong region, the Sumatra Karo Highlands coffee is one of our favorites. After picking, the beans are partially sun-dried then processed in a semi-wet state using a unique traditional method called Giling Basah, which literally means “wet grinding.” This gives the beans (triple-picked for size and quality) a unique bluish-green appearance. The result is a coffee that is often described as semi-sweet, earthy and herbaceous. We roast this coffee to a full second crack, giving it a creamy, fuller body and a smoother overall taste.


AROMA: Mild Earth, Dark Chocolate
BODY: Creamy, Full-Bodied
FLAVOR: Caramel, Semi-Sweet Chocolate
AFTERTASTE: Lingering, Slightly Spicy

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

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Whole Bean, Medium Grind, Coarse Grind, Fine Grind


12oz, 2lb, 5lb

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