Cups & Paper Goods

ConexClearPro01To get your coffee to the customer, there are a lot of extras you need,from the cups that your coffee goes in, to the stir stick that blends in the cream. Dilworth Coffee can provide you with all your cups and paper goods to make your customers experience, a great one!

Cups – Our paper “hot cups” are manufactured by hot-cupindustry leader, Solo! These cups are plain white and are available in 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and 24oz sizes.  We also carry the one-size-fits-all lids, for these cups, which are available in your choice of black or white!

Our “cold cups”, manufactured by Dart, are made from clear, crack resistant polypropylene.  They are available in 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and 24oz sizes.  We carry one-size fits all lids, for these cups, available in your traditional “flat” style, and also available in a “dome” style, ideal for liquid or frozen beverages.

Cup Accessories- Standard paper cups scatternaturalcontaining hot beverages require cup sleeves. Dilworth Coffee supplies Java Jackets, are a coffee shop favorite, and their attractive printed design makes them stand out more than ever! We can even have them custom printed for a minimum of 40 cases!

For shops with a lot of “to go” customers, especially those with drive-throughs, cup carriers are a must! When customers have more cups than hands, accidents are prone to happen.  To prevent coffee burns (and messy floors!) make sure your shop has our carriers that can hold up to four cups at once, making life easier for everyone!

Paper_FiltersFilters – As pleasant as freshly ground coffee smells, nobody wants grounds to end up in their cup!  We carry filters made buy Bunn and Fetco, ranging in multiple sizes that will fit most coffee and tea brewers.  Just tell us the make and model of your machine, and we’ll find the best filters for you!

Coffee Bags- Whole bean coffee sales are a huge opportunity in every coffee shop.  When you purchase your bulk coffee from Dilworth Coffee, consider buying kraft or foil coffee bags too!  Available in bundles of half pound and full pound bags, you can turn your bulk coffee into retail coffee!  Studies have proven that most coffee drinkers consume their coffee at home, so make sure it’s your coffee they have! Don’t forget to get airpot labels or other point of sale materials to assist you with your retail coffee. Ask your customer care associate about which ones are best for you, or print them at home!

stir sticksStir Sticks- These are one of a café’s most underrated, yet critical tools. Used to carefully blend the perfect balance of cream, sugar and coffee, our birchwood stir sticks are the last essential instrument that completes the entire seed-to-cup process.  Sold in boxes of 500 sticks, these simple but essential utensils are a café must!

Straws – For every frozen drink sold, a “frozen drink straw” is required.  These are the wide mouth straws that allow your customers to pleasantly enjoy their smoothie, frappe or other frozen beverages.  From Dilworth Coffee, these straws are available in 10” or 7.75” to accommodate all cold cup sizes!

These supplies, though little, make a big impact on the success of your specialty beverage business. Many of your customers will expect you to provide these items, and you don’t want to disappoint. If we don’t have something you need, just ask! We can either bring it in, or find another dealer for you. For more information on cups and other paper goods, or to discuss a special order, call us today at 800.835.5943!