Teas and other herbal infusions fit well on almost any beverage menu. Their applications are flexible: hot and iced beverages, blended drinks, retail packaging, and more. We offer a variety of loose teas in bulk, pre-packaged teas for food service and retail, and other tea products like tea-based smoothies and maté concentrates.

  mighty-leaf-web Mighty Leaf®: Tea
Mighty Leaf’s artisan-crafted teas feature premium, whole-leaf teas and teasans. They offer many selections in black, green, white, and herbal varieties, many of which are melanges of fruit, spices, and fragrant blossoms. Each gourmet tea is packaged in biodegradable silken tea pouches that give your tea service an upscale look to match Mighty Leaf’s excellent flavor. They’re perfect for brewing by the cup, too.
Two Leaves Tea
Two Leaves and a Bud teas are high-quality, single-origin teas and tisanes. They’re all handpicked orthodox teas with no filler, providing the fullest flavors possible. The organdie sachets are packed with enough tea for a full mug. Twelve black, green, white, and herbal varieties are available, with unique selections like Alpine Berry, Organic Orange Sencha Green, and White Peony. They’re available in retail packaging as well as food service packaging.
    redespressologohighres Red Espresso: Rooibos Tea
Made from all-natural rooibos, red espresso® represents a brand new specialty beverage: an herbal tea that’s prepared like espresso! It’s the heart of a range of hot and cold coffee-style drinks that you can prepare with your current espresso equipment. It’s naturally caffeine-free and contains five times the antioxidants of green tea, making it a great alternative to coffee. As a healthful, all-natural product, red espresso can generate new interest and new business from customers looking for something different.