Coffee College

To help you succeed, we offer Coffee College courses through Stockton Graham & Co. These courses designed to give you and your staff the knowledge needed to provide top-shelf service with expert industry knowledge. These courses cover key areas of your coffee & specialty beverage program. Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee industry professionals designed each course to present their collective experience in comprehensive, hands-on lessons. Learning about the specialty coffee industry’s many facets requires many different classes, and Stockton Graham & Co. has an expert to help you with any area. Visit their events page to see the next scheduled session, or call 800.835.5943 to discuss registration for the options below.

Your Coffee College session is based on your needs:
Coffee & Espresso Basics (Coffee College 101) – The most popular class, for general coffee and espresso knowledge and basic espresso drink preparation.
Brewing Fundamentals – The foundational class for coffee brewing and extraction.
Cupping For Coffee Shop Owners – Sharing the coffee taste experience with your customers and staff is vital to educate them on the sensory differences in coffee. This Cupping for Coffee Shop Owners course offers hands on experience to prepare, present and conduct a cupping or tasting in a variety of retail settings.
Cafe Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance – An introductory course to educate a coffee shop owner on the basic operation of coffee shop equipment, including basic troubleshooting and periodic maintenance.
Exploring Blends – Creating a new signature blend for your coffee shop can be both educational and fun for both staff and customers. During this session, the instructor shares with you several methods we have used to create new blends for our customers.
Specialty Beverage Basics – A fundamental course on preparing specialty beverages including espresso, iced , blended and non coffee hand-crafted, made to order drinks. Participants will gain insight into basic proportions, flavor combinations, tips, costing and pricing of a variety of common coffeehouse drinks.
Basic Barista Certification – Be ready to serve in any coffee shop right away.

The Coffee College Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise within the coffee industry. They are Specialty Coffee Association of America volunteers and judges, Gold Cup technicians, Roasters Guild members, Barista Guild of America members, certified baristas and more! Click here to learn more about Stockton Graham & Co.’s instructors.

Stockton Graham & Co’s Coffee College courses are held on site at their facility in Raleigh, NC, but options are available to travel to your location for cuppings or workshops with large groups, or for on location staff training utilizing your equipment. Coffee College training sessions are offered at $250 for the first person and $200 for each additional attendee. The costs cover training, supplies, reading materials, coffee used and lunch. Stockton Graham & Co.’s Basic Barista Certifications start at $1500. For more details on the classes or costs call 800.835.5943.

No one provides better customer service than an employee who is knowledgeable about their product and industry. Read our Blog on the importance of training in the coffee industry and how our Coffee College assists in achieving training to help you differentiate your coffee business.