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At Dilworth Coffee, we are passionate about bringing the best-tasting specialty grade coffees to the Southeast by sourcing the finest beans and small batch roasting to ensure unparalleled quality and freshness. Since 1989, Dilworth Coffee has been craft roasting single-origins, blends, espresso and flavored coffees for sale at our retail locations and to wholesale accounts . [read more]

Here's a taste of what's happening at Dilworth Coffee roasting facilities and stores.

Coffee Ergonomics: A Lot of Planning Goes Into Our Stores

Next time you visit your local Dilworth Coffee location, take a look at the barista’s work space and the overall layout of the store. Our shops are not just a nice espresso machine sitting on a counter; a lot of [read more]

Discover The Fine Coffee of Kenya

Despite its proximity to Ethiopia (considered by most to be the area from which coffee originated), it is believed that coffee was not cultivated in Kenya until 1893. In that year, French missionaries introduced coffee trees from Reunion Island in [read more]

Is That Organic Coffee in Your Cup?

Simply put, organic coffee is one that has been grown and produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Many coffee lovers swear it tastes better but it’s production can also be good for the farmer and environment. In the US, [read more]

Coffee History: The Journey to the New World

Coffee history is filled with stories of smuggling and seduction, espionage and armed conflict, religious edicts and trade monopolies, and kings and simple goatherders. Of course, with any such ancient and action-packed tales as this, some facts are likely to have [read more]

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