Dilworth Coffee

Fill it how you feel it

Your mug, your decision. No wrong answers, no bad taste. We roast the beans, and you take it from there. Peace.

Dilworth Coffee Stubbornly Agreeable

Stubbornly Agreeable

Years of visiting countless corners of the globe has helped me understand two things: there a LOT of fine beans out there. And second, I like what I like, and others like what they like. We could spend whole afternoons throwing around the pros and cons of dripped vs pressed, but in the end, Iā€™m not getting in the way of what makes you happy.

E22 - Fair Shake for Educate to Envision

A Fair Shake

We share a mission with others to give back to areas in need, in particular, countries and communities where we get our beans. So kids in Honduras and other places can get the schooling and tools to rise out of poverty. A very fair trade, indeed.