Fresh, Filtered Water

Pure in. Pure out. Nothing to alter (funkify) the great coffee taste.

Correct Proportions

Easy math. Two table spoons of coffee for every six oz of water.

Less = Lighter / More = Stronger

Have a kitchen scale? Take your home brewing up a notch. Measure the amount of coffee you want to brew in grams and divide by 16, grind that amount for the perfect cup. Or just use the cheat sheet.


Flavor Unleashed. The best coffee will come from freshly ground beans, so get yourself a grinder—you wont be sorry.

The grind level changes for your type of device. Use a fine grind the texture of sugar for drip coffee and a more medium grind like bread crumbs for French press or Pour Over.

A Word to the wise...

LET US GRIND YOUR FLAVORED COFFEE. If you like to change it up and sample different flavors, it will be tough to get a clean flavor, the old flavor will linger in the grinder - it's just easiest if we send your coffee pre-ground.

One Last Thing

Coffee should be stored at room temperature (NOT in the freezer or refrigerator) in a sealed container, like the bag it came in.